‘Knit for Peace’

Group Knitting Project


100 years ago women up & down the country were being asked to knit for the War Effort – now we’re asking you to knit for peace.

We’ve launched a project for Knit for Peace – a charity which distributes knitted items regularly to over 80 outlets, including hospitals, women’s refuges, refugee drop in centres, prisons, community groups, and hospices as well as to developing countries. (Click HERE for more information about the charity.)

We’re challenging all our members to knit a ball of yarn into 6”/15cm squares which we will then sew together to make a blanket to donate to Knit for Peace.

For this project we are supplying WI yarn & the needles so the weight of the yarn & stitch sizes are all the same.

Members can knit squares in any stitch, plain or fancy, but the crucial thing is to try and get them exactly 15cm or it’s a bit of nightmare to sew up & it looks all wonky. (Click HERE for full instructions)

You are more than welcome to knit other items to donate to Knit for Peace. We ask you supply your own yarn for these items – which could be a good way to use up some odds & ends.

There are free patterns on the Knit for Peace website but please only use these patterns if you are making for charity otherwise we are subject to copyright infringement.

If you would like to take part in this challenge, please speak to a member of the committee at the next meeting or email nwlondonwi@gmail.com

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