Magical Mystery Tour led by Richard Porter

We spent a pleasant afternoon on the busy streets of London being taken around the Beatles’ London haunts. We started in Soho Square where we saw Paul McCartney’s offices and continued onto other sites that included the mural in Carnaby Street, the public toilets in  Broadwick Street and Trident Studios (not just a Beatles site; Queen, David Bowie and Elton John have also recorded there). Of course the tour ended with a trip to Beatles hallowed ground – Abbey Road Studios. We had great fun taking pictures on the famous crossing.

Party time!

We had a fabulous time at our annual Christmas Party. Many thanks to Janet for hosting us this year. On the way in guests were treated to an elder flower cocktail followed by food and nibbles made by all our members, the food was delicious! We also had very fun party games organised by Rachael – our favourite being “The Sock Game”. We had to guess what was inside socks only by feeling the outside – this proved much harder than it sounds!

AGM and Quiz With Prizes

Tonight we had our Annual General Meeting where we have elected a new committee and president. We would like to thank all the members of the committee for the past year for all their hard work and are looking forward to what the new committee members will have in store for the next year ahead.

Our AGM was followed by a quiz with prizes headed by our resident quiz master, Denise. The quiz included all the traditional topics of everything from the arts to geography, as well as a bonus sheet in which we had to link 30 fictional characters to their novels.

Musical comedy from award-winning Funny Woman: Harriet Braine

Harriet entertained us with a look at some dead white men, 1 live man and 1 live woman. We thought about mostly artists, from Hokusai ( of “Wave” fame) through to Tracey Emin, (from Croydon by way of Margate) On the way we glanced at Matisse, Matisse, Matisse, Mati-i-i-i-sse (to the tune of “Jolene”), Frida Kahlo’s vaguely famous artist husband, and the hitherto unsuspected abilities of Lancelot “Capability” Brown. Thank you Harriet for a hilarious and fascinating evening.

Written by Penny