Hula Hooping With Maz

We had an active session of hula hooping with Maz. We learnt how to correctly control the hula hoop on our waists, and even on our arms!

Here is some extra information from Maz about hula hooping:

HoopTone classes:
Buy your own hoop;9295 (These are the travel hoops we sell. This is an American site, but we have them in the UK too, £35 each + P&P)
Video tutorials by Marawa the Amazing (my troupe leader):

Photos by Tasha Best.


This week we had out Anual General Meeting. We would like to say a big thank you to our WI adviser Yvette, who made sure we followed all the protocols.

We have elected some new committee members and are looking forward to what our new year has to bring.

After the administrative part of the evening, we enjoyed a quiz put on by Denise. The winning team won pens as prizes.