ArtsDepot – International Women’s Day event

 “Think back to your classroom, to the roll call of inventors and politicians, military leaders and scientists, philosophers and composers, thinkers and mystics and ask yourself this question. Where were the women?” Kate MosseTwo black and white images are collaged together - a young man seated holding his hands in front of him and a young woman looking straight at the viewer. A black and red line bisects the image. 
Kate Mosse – Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the World
 Sat 11 Mar, 7.30pm | Tickets from £15

In the week of International Women’s Day bestselling Author Kate Mosse OBE comes to artsdepot as part of her first ever national theatre tour. Inspired by Kate’s recently released book Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the World, this fabulous evening of entertainment is part detective story, part love letter about how history is made, and part celebration of extraordinary, brilliant trailblazing and inspirational women throughout history. With storytelling, music and images, Kate will both share the story of how she tracked down her long-forgotten relative, Lily Watson (in whose literary footsteps she is walking) at the same time as celebrating hundreds of other women from history whose names deserve to be better known. We’ll meet the Mothers of Invention and Pirate Queens, we’ll meet the unsung heroines of medicine and those who dazzled on the screen, the stage and in the stadium, and we’ll meet those who fought for what they believed and those who reached for the stars. 
Become an RPO Brent member and receive free and £5 tickets Royal Philharmonic Orchestra logo. 5 Blue circles and 'Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' in textA gif of various RPO performances, including at the Royal Abert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall and Cadogan Hall
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Volunteers needed – Foodcycle Wembley

FoodCycle is a national charity that puts on weekly, free community meals for people in need. These meals are cooked by volunteers with surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, and our volunteers serve a delicious three-course meal to our guests, as well as share the meal and conversation with them. We believe that no one should be hungry or lonely!  FoodCycle Wembley is due to launch on Tuesday 28th March, 2023 and will meet every Tuesday evening at the Park Lane Methodist Church.

We’re looking for both cooking and hosting volunteers at our project! Cooking volunteers help cook a 3 course meal and hosting volunteers set up the venue and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

We are also looking for ‘Project Leaders’  to join and lead our fabulous teams at sessions. FoodCycle Project Leaders are the inspirational volunteers that keep our projects running. Becoming a Project Leader is a unique opportunity to gain a whole range of skills and experiences. By regularly leading at FoodCycle Wembley and being part of the Project Leader team, you will witness the profound impact that the project has on the local community. 

The team as a whole plays a vital role within the FoodCycle Family- helping to strengthen and build a resilient community through conversation, and create a warm, welcoming environment for our guests – this helps support mental health, wellbeing and reduce loneliness. Lots of our guests are lonely or vulnerable and really value our volunteers’ support. Here’s some more information about how great being a Project Leader is:

Update on toiletries donations

The NWLWI collected a number of toiletries for donation to a local refuge/safe house. Ena kindly agreed to take the items, but sadly the refuge that was known to her had closed. After some research (privacy issues obviously make it hard to locate places of refuge) eventually Ena was able to make contact and delivered the items to a safe house. The key worker there thanked the NWLWI for the items and their support and reported that the toiletries would be gratefully received. Ena asked what other items were most needed and was told that toys (including second hand ones in good condition) would always be very welcome

Where’s Winnie – knit a corgi!

To honour The Queen’s longstanding relationship with the WI, and as President of Sandringham WI, Norfolk Federation, WI members are being asked to knit a corgi named WInnie and hide her in their local community as a fun surprise for others to find and keep. Members are encouraged to make as many WInnies as they wish and leave them in parks, on walking trails, in community centres, meeting halls or libraries, on bridges, benches or beaches – anywhere that can pay the WI love forward and cheer up someone’s day. The lucky recipients will be able to log their find and a picture on an interactive map on the NFWI website, which will go live from 1 May.You can find the project instructions on page 43 of the March issue of WI Life magazine