ArtsDepot – International Women’s Day event

 “Think back to your classroom, to the roll call of inventors and politicians, military leaders and scientists, philosophers and composers, thinkers and mystics and ask yourself this question. Where were the women?” Kate MosseTwo black and white images are collaged together - a young man seated holding his hands in front of him and a young woman looking straight at the viewer. A black and red line bisects the image. 
Kate Mosse – Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the World
 Sat 11 Mar, 7.30pm | Tickets from £15

In the week of International Women’s Day bestselling Author Kate Mosse OBE comes to artsdepot as part of her first ever national theatre tour. Inspired by Kate’s recently released book Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the World, this fabulous evening of entertainment is part detective story, part love letter about how history is made, and part celebration of extraordinary, brilliant trailblazing and inspirational women throughout history. With storytelling, music and images, Kate will both share the story of how she tracked down her long-forgotten relative, Lily Watson (in whose literary footsteps she is walking) at the same time as celebrating hundreds of other women from history whose names deserve to be better known. We’ll meet the Mothers of Invention and Pirate Queens, we’ll meet the unsung heroines of medicine and those who dazzled on the screen, the stage and in the stadium, and we’ll meet those who fought for what they believed and those who reached for the stars.