How much do you know about being a Magistrate?

Quiz from local female Magistrate, Sue Kayser JP.

Sue Kayser is a local female magistrate and has been volunteering as one for quite some time. She does at least 26 half-day sittings at court per year at Willesden Magistrates Court. The bench at Willesden is very ethnically diverse, and currently has more female than male magistrates.

Instead of the usual talk, Sue insisted that we take part in a quiz, and then discuss the answers. It was a very engaging evening where each of us learnt a few new things, some of which were very surprising.

If you are interested in becoming a Justice of the Peace, you have to be between the ages of 18-70, you do not need any special qualifications, just common sense. Apply here: Become a Magistrate

Some unexpected facts we discussed:

  • Did you know, the first use of Magistrates in this country was in 1361!
  • Magistrates deal with 96% of criminal cases.
  • You could go to prison for carrying a knife – make sure you wrap and carry your cake knives securely, other wise we will end up with prisons full of WI members arrested on their way to a cake sale!