Fryent Country Park

We had a great day exploring Fryent County Park starting with a tour of the stables. Dove, the current owner, told us a little bit about the history of the stables, her life with horses, and her exciting plans for the future which includes a lot of engagement with local community groups.

After helping to groom one of the horses we then set off westwards through the park stopping for a picnic lunch once across the main road. Over lunch one of our group shared her comprehensive knowledge of the park’s history. The ancient fields were once a source of hay to feed the huge numbers of London horses. Carts laden with hay would be taken to Haymarket to be sold and on the return trip would carry manure which had been collected from the city streets. It was then spread on the hay fields as a fertiliser and the cycle continued.

Continuing to the highest point in the park we ended our walk with a great view of Wembley and over the rest of London in the distance.

Easily accessible by public transport, this spacious park is a real gem.

Written by Caroline