March 2021

The clocks have changed and restrictions have eased.  We lost no time in arranging to meet in groups of six for walks in our local parks.  It was lovely to see Chloe, our youngest member, who cheered us all up as she is of course getting bigger every time we see her.  We started the month with some excellent tales and anecdotes of her time as a Prison Governor from Chris Duffin.  We ended the month with some very good advice from NatWest about how to avoid fraud and scams and what to do if we have fallen victim.  In between we discussed Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholl at our book club.  Jigsaw puzzles continue to circulate and some of us are becoming very proficient at completing them.  Many of us kept up our walks in pairs until the restrictions eased and of course there was our Monday afternoon zoom sessions which are always good for a chat.  

Written by Angela