Update on toiletries donations

The NWLWI collected a number of toiletries for donation to a local refuge/safe house. Ena kindly agreed to take the items, but sadly the refuge that was known to her had closed. After some research (privacy issues obviously make it hard to locate places of refuge) eventually Ena was able to make contact and delivered the items to a safe house. The key worker there thanked the NWLWI for the items and their support and reported that the toiletries would be gratefully received. Ena asked what other items were most needed and was told that toys (including second hand ones in good condition) would always be very welcome

Where’s Winnie – knit a corgi!

To honour The Queen’s longstanding relationship with the WI, and as President of Sandringham WI, Norfolk Federation, WI members are being asked to knit a corgi named WInnie and hide her in their local community as a fun surprise for others to find and keep. Members are encouraged to make as many WInnies as they wish and leave them in parks, on walking trails, in community centres, meeting halls or libraries, on bridges, benches or beaches – anywhere that can pay the WI love forward and cheer up someone’s day. The lucky recipients will be able to log their find and a picture on an interactive map on the NFWI website, which will go live from 1 May.You can find the project instructions on page 43 of the March issue of WI Life magazine 

Not in my Name Competition

NFWI-Wales has launched a new competition for members to enter as part of its Not in my Name campaign. 

Established in 2012 Not in my Name aims to raise awareness about violence against women and involves WIs recruiting male ambassadors from their communities to make a promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women.

The 2022 competition is to ‘Design and Make a Scarf’ depicting the Not in my Name campaign to end violence against women.  Any craft medium and technique accepted.

Please find attached the competition guidelines. The guidelines are also available on My WI:https://mywi.thewi.org.uk/nfwi-news/articles/join-the-2022-not-in-my-name-competition


Details of this year’s Me, Myself and WI.

The objective of this activity is to encourage members to take time to look at their own mental health and physical health and general wellbeing, making time to put themselves first and recognise ways in which they can make small adjustments to their daily life and to help improve their understanding of the importance of taking care of their mind and body.  We feel strongly that the objectives of Me, Myself and WI fit beautifully in support and recognition of the National Mental Health Awareness week, starting on the 9 May 2022.  As such, Me, Myself and WI will offer a week of activities to encourage members to take a step out of their normal routine and take some time to focus on themselves and their wellbeing.

Please find attached an advert which gives an outline of the week plus the Me, Myself and WI logo, which will be used during the lead up to and throughout the week, so that members can easily associate activities with the event. 

Activities will include: 

  • 10 Minutes of Mindfulness daily recordings. 
  • Information from the Met Police on online fraud, sexual consent and drink spiking. 
  • Mindfulness colouring pages
  • Updated Watchlist 
  • Craft projects
  • Cookery projects


For those that went to or have heard of Denman’s Faberdashery Sale Days, a lot of the donated items that used to raise money for Denman were given to charity when Denman closed. However, there are many items that were packed away and stored for future sales and have been stored by Botley WI in Botley WI Hall, North Hinksey Lane, Botley, Oxford, OX2 OLT. The space is now needed as face-to-face meetings are happening so there is to be a sale scheduled for 26th March 2022 from 10:00 – 15:00 if you want to grab yourself a bargain. No need to book, just turn up and see what is on offer.  Enquiries should be directed to Alison Jenner, President – alisonjenner@yahoo.com . 

Centenary Banner Challenge

We were asked by the Middlesex Federation of Women’s Institutes to contribute to the new Centenary Banner. The brief was to provide a small ‘patch’ that would depict our activities at the North West London WI. Alison came up with a wonderful design and then Penny did most of the work, with others contributing elements that could be incorporated in the finished product.

These photos show the progress of the banner. It includes reference to local landmarks (including Wembley Stadium and the Neasden Temple) as well as all our activities – see if you can identify them all!

And here’s the finished product!!